Licensing Opportunity

Our Expansion

We are very enthused and excited to be able to offer, to certain qualified individuals, an
opportunity to purchase one of a limited number of Fresh Kabobs Licensing Opportunities. Our
venture into licensing has been made possible, and somewhat necessitated, by an increasingly
hard to manage workload at our existing locations. This is the result of a growing recognition
and demand for our product in the outlying areas of Southern California.

Opportunity Knocks

This offer presents the opportunity to own and operate your own business, with the security of
having a name and product recognition that is well established, along with a formula that has
proven to be greatly successful. Through on-going consultation, you will benefit greatly from the
knowledge and expertise provided by the people who originated Fresh Kabobs and subsequently
established it as one of the most popular retail food institutions throughout the area and beyond.

Formula for Success

We enthusiastically believe that our unique and diverse menu, along with our widespread
reputation for unconditional quality, will be a springboard for success in this license opportunity.
We will not, however, make any claims of instant prosperity based solely on the reputation that
Fresh Kabobs has established up to this point. The end result will ultimately depend on your
diligent work and total commitment to achieve success in your business and eventually reap the
benefits of your accomplishments.

Being Ones’ Own Boss

Licensing allows an individual to experience the pride and independence of owning their own
business and the recognition that comes with it.


The training an individual receives in a License will help them to avoid mistakes.Collective Buying Power
The volume of products purchased among all operating units can lead to better prices, which may
result in lower operating costs and higher profits.


Tested and proven systems save development time and help prevent mistakes.
If you are interested in this licensing opportunity please fill out the questionnaire below.